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Mindfulness Based Counseling • Supporting confidence courage compassion


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  - Anais Nin

"Love is the bridge between you and everything" • Rumi

About Elizabeth


I am a practicing meditator and bring a buddhist-inspired approach to my counseling.  I also value humor and playfulness as an integral part of the therapeutic process. My style is respectful, non-intrusive and collaborative. 

I have been a therapist for 30-plus years, guiding people to find their way from confusion to clarity, self-judgement to self-acceptance and into a more authentic life. 

I have utilized my clinical skills in outpatient mental health agency and hospital settings, a young adult services residential program, private counseling centers, the criminal justice system and private practice. 

I have extensive experience in treating a wide spectrum of psychological concerns and normal life-course issues.

I no longer list my areas of specialization. I consider myself a generalist, aiding in supporting courage, clarity, and compassion in approaching any challenging life transition or situation. 

My main responsibility as your therapist is to be fully present with compassion and focused attention to the unfolding of your own self-discovery.   

I will offer guidance, tools, skills, and coaching, yet, my overriding task is to provide a safe and exploratory environment within which you can access your own wisdom and reach your full potential in all realms of your life.    

My main objective is to facilitate and gently guide you through any inner barriers and core misconceptions that stand in the way of your full potential.    

I work with adults and couples. 



My approach to counseling is eclectic and holistic. This means that I utilize and integrate many theoretical models and interventions based on your particular needs and personality.   

I view the therapy process itself as a collaborative creative journey.  Creativity, imagination, spontaneity, curiosity and playfulness are dynamic pathways into positive change, possibility, and healing.

I focus on your strengths and support your innate potential for self-understanding, unconditional self-acceptance, authentic self-expression, and healthy intimate relationships. 


This perspective also assumes that emotional discomfort is an existential given. Happiness and a sense of life-purpose and personal meaning are possible when life’s challenges are approached with self-compassion, honest self-reflection, and the cultivation of grit, resilience and grace. 

Techniques may include: guided imagery, mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques, naming and taming challenging emotions, expressive arts therapy, dream work, mindfulness-based exploration of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, identifying personal meaning and life-purpose, and supporting the implementation of goals that align with your authenticity. 

“My first impulse now is always to find something to love, something to be inspired by, something heroic, something recognizable as the gift and burden of the human condition, the pain and grace that’s there to find in every soul you meet.”  - Ron Kurtz



Licensed Professional Counselor

CT License #001844

Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Counseling Psychology
Union Institute & University at Vermont College

Masters Degree in Theatre & Dance
Wesleyan University

Three-Year Professional Diploma & Certification in Transpersonal & Humanistic Psychotherapy
Temenos Institute

Three-year post-graduate training in The Hakomi Method

Advanced training in Expressive Arts Therapy
Psychodrama, dance-movement therapy, art therapy, poetry therapy, drama therapy. 


A creative option: The use of expressive arts therapy in counseling. In N.D. Young & C.N. Michael (Eds.), Counseling In A Complex Society: Contemporary Challenges To Professional Practice.   Amherst, MA: The Synthesis Center,Inc.

A matter of timing: Guidelines for using action-oriented and experiential treatment strategies.  In N.D. Young & C.N. Michael (Eds.), Counseling with Confidence: From Pre-Service to Professional Practice. Amherst, MA: The Synthesis Center,Inc.

"And what do I risk to tell you this, which is all I know? Love yourself. Then forget it. Then, love the world."  - Mary Oliver

Counseling Modalities


Mindfulness Based Counseling

Mindfulness is an open-minded observant state of awareness that allows us to simply notice, without analysis or judgment, what we are experiencing in the present moment. In the process of mindful, compassionate inner attunement, key insights and solutions regarding all aspects of one's life - naturally emerge. 

“What's needed here isn't more prodding toward perfection. Love, not judgment, sows the seeds of tranquility and change.”  - Danna Faulds


Hakomi Method

The Hakomi Method is a gentle and highly focused form of psychotherapy developed by Ron Kurtz

Hakomi is experiential, present-centered and inwardly focused. It utilizes mindfulness as a way to safely and gradually access thoughts, feelings, bodily information, memories, images, and beliefs that are below consciousness. 

“When someone maintains loving presence with another, it has a powerful effect. Possibly without even noticing it, the other feels safer, cared for and even understood. When this happens in a therapeutic relationship, healing has already begun.”  - Ron Kurtz


Relational Growth and Healing

My work with couples is informed by the belief that intimate relationship is a deeply rich and meaningful path to becoming the best version of ourselves amidst the joys and challenges of conscious partnership.  I also draw from  the theories and practices of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT,  Imago Therapy,  Relational Life Therapy and Esther Perel. 

"When we choose to make our relationship with our partner a spiritual practice, we enter a sacred journey of ever-deepening love and freedom. Telling each other the truth and being who we are, and having space for the other person's vulnerability in being who they are, allows us to move in a kind of dance together that's very fluid and graceful." - Tara Brach

My Blog: Keep Leaping

Keep Leaping is a place where I write musings on whatever is on my mind about the whole enchilada of life - to inspire resilient and joyful living.


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Feel free to send me an email with questions and concerns. I offer a free 30-minute consultation via phone, FaceTime or at my office.  I only accept Anthem Insurance. Self pay is $100 per hour. 

Elizabeth Strazar, MA. LPC

529 North Madison Road, Guilford, CT 06437, US

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